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Spinal Implants

Implants are available in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate different patients of all ages and conditions.  Most spinal implants are made of metals such as titanium, titanium-alloy, or stainless steel.  We only work with the highest quality manufacturers of American Made implants to ensure that our customers always have the best medical device for their procedure, and ultimately their surgical outcome.

Rods were one of the original implants used for spinal surgeries.  Rods are strong yet have some flexibility so that the surgeon can shape the rod to match the contours of the patient’s spine.

Pedical Screws are specifically designed screws which are carefully implanted into the pedicles of the spinal vertebrae. These screws provide strong “anchorage” points to which rods can be attached. Rods can then be contoured to correct deformities, and to facilitate fusion.

Plates are often used in the cervical spine.  They are manufactured to conform to the contour of the spine and are held in place by screws set into adjacent vertebrae.

Cages are often called “interbody” cages because they are placed between two vertebrae.  Cages are small hollow devices with perforated walls,  Bone graft or BMP is often packed into the cage to promote bone growth between the adjacent vertebrae. 

Biologics Image


Bone grafting is a surgical technique that involves implanting a bone substitute or extender to help the body achieve spinal fusion. The use of biologics in spine surgery has always been an important component in any psinal fusion. The biologic material or bone graft is a critical element in the fusion healing process.

Durable Medical Equipment

Products and services that help people move, breathe, rest, recover, and perform essential hygiene.  These are important parts of care for people with a range of challenges.  

Durable Medical Equipment
Sterile Processing

Sterile Processing

Before a surgeon can perform, a team of skilled professionals work diligently to ensure each and every instrument is properly decontaminated, sterilied, well-functioning, and available when needed.  tons of surgical instruments and devices flow in and out of these rooms in a constant motion, and it’s the most crucial link in the chain of care from professional to treatment to patient. 

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM)

IONM is the continuous surveillance of a patient’s nervous system (the brain, spinal cord, and nerves). The purpose of IONM is to monitor and protec the nervous system from possible injury during surgery. 

Digital Technology

As a Value-Added bonus for purchasing products and services through ISP, we offer three distinct digital platforms that we know you will love!

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